Balance bike: the best first wheeled toy for kids

Kids just want to have fun, and nowadays there are more ways than ever to keep them entertained. Old-school dolls and stuffed animals will never go out of style, and modern toys have become more and more relevant to prepare them for the ever-advancing world of technology they will live in. However, all great childhoods share one important element in common: spending time outside to play. Regardless of the time we grew up in, we can all agree that some of our fondest memories are of the times we just played the day away in the sun with siblings or friends.

One of the best ways in which you can introduce your kids to outdoor play and give them a greater sense of independence is getting them some wheeled toys. Toys on wheels and sports equipment come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used since babies are a few months old up to their late childhood. Letting children ride on these toys will help them greatly when it comes to engaging in formal physical education in school or as an extracurricular activity.

Luckily for us as parents and them as kids, nowadays there seem to be more and more toys of this kind. Bikes, skates, and ride-on vehicles of different types are all available for babies as young as just a few months old and for kids in their late childhood. If you worry about the safety of letting your kids ride these toys, don’t. Most modern toy sets that include any sort of wearable or rideable equipment on wheels don’t get sold without a matching set of protective equipment.

Balance bikes: a great first choice

With that many options being available out there, it is only natural that parents get overwhelmed and concerned about both the appropriateness of the toy for a certain age and the safety risks for their children. However, there is one choice that stands among the rest for the best toy on wheels you could get for your children, and that is a balance bike.

Balance bikes are small bicycles for kids that rely precisely on the kids’ balance to stay rolling. Children need to have learned how to stand and how to walk, since basically their seats just support them so they make the bike advance as they walk. While it may sound counterintuitive or even dangerous, it is a more responsible way to introduce kids to wheeled toys than letting them use baby walkers when they are babies, for example.

What’s more, these bikes don’t have breaks or pedals, which means that they can only go as fast as the toddler can walk or run. Kids need to wear protective gear at all times, of course, but they don’t run any major risks unless left unsupervised and rolling down steep hills or stairs, for instance. Parents should be aware of their little ones’ whereabouts at all times, even when letting them roam somewhat independently outside the house. A balance bike is a great vehicle to awake kids’ interest in other sports and wheeled toys, so don’t hesitate to get one from these balance bikes here for your child when the time feels right.

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