Where to buy a good portable dishwasher?

Portable dishwashers are very handy machines. What are they exactly and where is the best place to purchase one?

What are portable dishwashers?

A portable dishwasher is a stand-alone dishwasher that does not have to be connected to the plumbing in your kitchen at all times. They are useful if there is no enough space for a usual built-in dishwasher or in older houses where the plumbing might not compatible with today’s dishwashers. Portable dishwashers are made to be easily transported between the kitchen and a separate storage room in the house, such as a pantry or a closet. They most often move on wheels, just like a swivel chair. This way, you can only take them out when you need them – maybe during a dinner party. Then, just connect them to your sink faucet and you’re ready to go.

Portable dishwashers have become more popular due to more an increased number of people living in rented places where modifications to the kitchen are not possible. They are a great solution to the small kitchen problem, as long as you have enough storage space somewhere else. They’re also just as efficient as normal built-in dishwashers when it comes to cleaning power or water and energy-saving capabilities.

Where to buy a portable dishwasher?

There aren’t that many portable dishwasher models available on the market but you do not have to look far to find one. Chances are your local house appliances retailers carry some portable dishwashers. Of course, you can always purchase it online but a trip to the store might be worth it if you want to see the actual product before you buy it.

For example, various portable dishwasher models are sold at Home Depot. Overall there are around seven brands available in different sizes so you should find something that fits your needs with no problem. A Home Depot portable dishwasher should serve you just as well as other dishwashers, as long as you handle it correctly and perform regular maintenance on the components. That includes actions like cleaning the filter, making sure that the water connectors are not clogged up, etc.

What to look for in a portable dishwasher?

Firstly, consider all the specifications as you would with a built-in dishwasher. Water usage, energy efficiency, does it operate in different temperature modes and so on. Things to look out with portable dishwashers specifically are noise levels, transportation ease, and durability.

Portable dishwashers are not surrounded by any cabinets which means that there is no insulation. That makes them louder than built-in models. Fortunately, a lot of portable dishwashers nowadays, come with noise reduction solutions, and you should definitely buy one with such a system installed.

You also want to make sure that it is actually easy to transport between different rooms. Check that the wheels on the bottom move smoothly.

Portable dishwashers are also more prone to damage due to the fact that they don’t stay in one place. Each move can put the components at risk of dislodging or being misplaced. Before making a purchase check what other buyers have said about the dishwasher’s durability.

So don’t be afraid to give it a go! Even a Home Depot portable dishwasher should give you everything you need.

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